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Ready for Hawaii

April 23, 2008

With Video!


And she’s blogged about it.

April 21, 2008

Details, here.

OK, she knows

April 21, 2008

And she’s cool with it.

She’s such a martyr…..

Thank you, EVERYONE, for all of the help with this.  It turned out PERFECT!

Have you guessed yet?

April 21, 2008

She will know tonight

April 21, 2008

She and the kids are at swimming. I will tell her when they get back.

Look for stern words from her here or on her blog. I will try to get photos, too.

Think I’ll get lei’d?  😉

10 perks of moving to Hawaii

April 21, 2008

10. Our new bed-and-breakfast / guest room is already booked solid through Groundhog Day, 2021.

9. If we get a place to live on the beach, I’ll have an easier adjustment when I get back from Iraq.

8. I hear it’s OK to “go commando” in a grass skirt.

7. I can continue my critical research into airspeed velocity of a laden swallow.

6. One word: lava

5. If the cat gets out, he can’t rally go that far.

4. I look dynamite in a coconut bikini top (they really bring out my eyes).

3. I think I have a new theme for your quilting.

2. I might be lei’d more often.

1. Our son tends to wear floods — we’ll just call them shorts now.

10 Lies I Told Kristin

April 21, 2008

10.  We’re moving to the moon.

9.  We’re moving to Wisconsin.

8.  We’re moving to Des Moines.

7.  We’re moving to Australia.

6.  We’re moving to Korea.

5.  We’re moving to up-state New York.

4.  We’re moving to Iceland.

3.  We’re moving to Texas.

2.  We’re moving to Louisiana.

1.  We’re moving to New Jersey (oh, could there be anything worse?)

10 places to go in Oahu

April 21, 2008

10. Pearl Harbor. Do not tell me that you want to go there and “get bombed” or I will disown you.

9. Kualoa Regional Park, where they filmed Jurassic Park

8. The top of Mount Ka‘ala

7. The Polynesian Cultural Center

6. California Pizza Kitchen. What? A man’s gotta eat!

5. Waimea Bay, home of some seriously big surf..

4. The Toilet Bowl. What, you think I’m making this up? No, we’re not going in the Toilet Bowl — get your mind out of them, um, toilet.

3. Diamond Head. Just ’cause.

2. The North Shore.

And the #1 place we should go in Hawaii? Waikiki, baby, Waikiki!

From One Military Family to Another!

April 21, 2008

Wishing you luck on your new adventures!

Love, Deborah, Jeff, Claire and Benjamin Boschert

POTD: Monday

April 21, 2008

She does not know.