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And she’s blogged about it.

April 21, 2008

Details, here.


OK, she knows

April 21, 2008

And she’s cool with it.

She’s such a martyr…..

Thank you, EVERYONE, for all of the help with this.  It turned out PERFECT!

She will know tonight

April 21, 2008

She and the kids are at swimming. I will tell her when they get back.

Look for stern words from her here or on her blog. I will try to get photos, too.

Think I’ll get lei’d?  😉

10 perks of moving to Hawaii

April 21, 2008

10. Our new bed-and-breakfast / guest room is already booked solid through Groundhog Day, 2021.

9. If we get a place to live on the beach, I’ll have an easier adjustment when I get back from Iraq.

8. I hear it’s OK to “go commando” in a grass skirt.

7. I can continue my critical research into airspeed velocity of a laden swallow.

6. One word: lava

5. If the cat gets out, he can’t rally go that far.

4. I look dynamite in a coconut bikini top (they really bring out my eyes).

3. I think I have a new theme for your quilting.

2. I might be lei’d more often.

1. Our son tends to wear floods — we’ll just call them shorts now.

10 Lies I Told Kristin

April 21, 2008

10.  We’re moving to the moon.

9.  We’re moving to Wisconsin.

8.  We’re moving to Des Moines.

7.  We’re moving to Australia.

6.  We’re moving to Korea.

5.  We’re moving to up-state New York.

4.  We’re moving to Iceland.

3.  We’re moving to Texas.

2.  We’re moving to Louisiana.

1.  We’re moving to New Jersey (oh, could there be anything worse?)

10 places to go in Oahu

April 21, 2008

10. Pearl Harbor. Do not tell me that you want to go there and “get bombed” or I will disown you.

9. Kualoa Regional Park, where they filmed Jurassic Park

8. The top of Mount Ka‘ala

7. The Polynesian Cultural Center

6. California Pizza Kitchen. What? A man’s gotta eat!

5. Waimea Bay, home of some seriously big surf..

4. The Toilet Bowl. What, you think I’m making this up? No, we’re not going in the Toilet Bowl — get your mind out of them, um, toilet.

3. Diamond Head. Just ’cause.

2. The North Shore.

And the #1 place we should go in Hawaii? Waikiki, baby, Waikiki!

Things to do before we leave: The Alps

April 19, 2008

K and the kids and I are all working on our own little lists of things to do before we leave Germany. For some, it’s eat as much chocolate as possible, while for others it’s been things like trips and sightseeing. (What? I like chocolate!)

With an Army friend who is a fellow Mini owner, I’ve been planning a trip to the Alps. I saw it as yet another driving adventure for me and the kids (we go on lots of them, often through the Black Forest but also to car museums and stuff, while K stays home and quilts.) A group of us tried to put together a trip last fall but, well, I ended up in Romania for the summer (Romania — it’s the new black [Romania = awesome]). But this year, we’re going, and we’re going to go to 5 countries in 4 days (the other guy will do 6 countries, as he lives in the Nederlands.)

Some friends from the neighborhood are Swiss, and I have been asking them questions for over a year, to help plan this. The other night, I took over the details and showed her on the computer where we are going. It turns out, we’re going through her hometown.

I think I uncorked something. An hour later, my head was swimming, because she gave to me all kinds of great advice of where to go and what to do on our first day. Last night, she came over with a giant bag of stuff about her country and her part of Switzerland — homework!

Click for full size

Lions and tigers and bears Books, and DVD’s, and clippings — oh my! That was the tipping point for Kristin. “Oh, I want to go, too!” she announced.

So, all four of us will cram hop into a Mini Cooper S (what?  It’s roomy!), and head out in a couple of weeks, for 4 days of driving through the Swiss Alps and listening, I’m sure, to a Harry Potter or other book on CD. Lots of pictures will be taken, I’m sure. Maybe the next 12×12 theme should be mountains!

If you’d like to see where we are going, you can open this file (right-click and save-as) in Google Earth. Each day’s travel is a separate item, so you can look at things day by day. I love that Google Earth will even show you photos that people have taken, and where. Neat stuff.

If you live out this way, or have traveled through these parts, please, I would welcome hearing from you and to hear your advice about our travel plans. We’re all excited about the trip — this should be awesome! Remember — we’re going to be in a Mini, so you can ask her to buy you 400 meters of the finest Swiss fabric she finds, but I will use my VETO power!

Sadly, I do not think there is popcorn or corn growing along the roads in the Swiss Alps.

And this one, below — that’s not Swiss German they’re speaking, it’s just German-German, obviously! The Swiss would NEVER drive like that!

Friday: She does not know

April 18, 2008

And she will likely kill me when she does find out.

She does not know

April 15, 2008

Still.  She does not know.

I am waiting on paperwork from the Army, the last set of documents.  I could get them this week, I could get them next week.

But she still does not know.

So, please — keep sending to me your photos and fun stuff, and I will keep posting them here!

The Big Picture

April 11, 2008

I’m Kristin’s husband, and I have a secret.

As some of you know, I’m in the service.  We’ve had the good fortune of living in Germany for most of what is coming up on twelve years.  But that is coming to a close — it’s time to move.

The military can be a bit… well, frustrating.  Some time ago, Kristin told me to stop talking to her about the move until I had the finalized paperwork in hand.

That should be very soon.

What I need help with is this:

I want a massive conspiracy of people poised to all break the news to her at the same time.

See, we’re going to Hawaii next.  And I think that’s pretty darn tootin’ cool.

So, who’s in?  Why wants to help out with the conspiracy and the secret planning?

Here’s what I am looking for:

— photos of you holding up a sign with some message related to our move.  It could be “Congratulations, Kristin!” just as easily as it can be “Enjoy Hawaii, you lucky rat!”

— videos to the same affect.  A short video message with all the right kinds of encouragement about having to suffer through leaving Germany to go to Hawaii for 3 years (oh, how she suffers)

— helpers in spreading the word about all this.  It’s a big secret — she does not know where we are going, and I’m not going to prematurely tell her.  This’ll all be done and over with in the next week or so (I’m just waiting on the military and the paperwork, so it could be two days, it could be twenty).

Remember — big secret.  A lot of you, I know, blog and have websites, as well as comment on her blog.  Have you noticed that I haven’t even used her URL or website anywhere in this message?  Yes — big secret. this all needs to be done covertly, James Bond style.

Leave comments here.  Email me if you want — it’s Big.Kristin.Surprise and then the little @ symbol, and then  Yes, I made a special email address for this — I’m a sneaky bastard (go read about the secret birthday part I threw for her a few years ago).

If you take photos or make movies, email them to me or send me the link.  I will host them and post them here for all to see (unless you say otherwise).

The surprise is like a virus — spread it!