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Have you guessed yet?

April 21, 2008


POTD: Monday

April 21, 2008

She does not know.

Friday: She does not know

April 18, 2008

And she will likely kill me when she does find out.

POTD: Thursday

April 17, 2008

More rain here, today.  Ugh.

POTD: Tuesday

April 15, 2008

Yeah, and it’s suppose to rain again here.

If you have to settle for your fourth choice, let it be Hawaii….

POTD: Monday

April 14, 2008

POTD: Sunday

April 13, 2008

Picture of the Day

Yeah, I think I’m going to be able to get use to this…..

Photo of the Day

April 12, 2008

Maybe I’ll stay inspired, and add in a photo of the day.

Sunset on Oaho

Flickr has a TON of photos of Oahu and the Islands, all licensed under Creative Commons.